Friday, April 28, 2017

Painting as Process: MoMA Partnership Spring 2017!

This week students in classes Y52 and X06 completed a four week program with Ms. Kirstin from the Museum of Modern Art.  Students learned about examples of action painting and discussed the process that the artists used to create their work.  They looked at several colorful works by the German artist Katerina Grosse and hypothesized how she made different marks such as drips, splatters, folds, and brush strokes.  Students then created their own beautiful paintings using various media, tools, and processes.  Check out their beautiful work and the steps they took below.  Thank you as always to Ms. K and the Museum of Modern Art's Access Programs for a new and exciting experience!

Students started their projects by dropping different colors of ink onto wet areas of their paper.  They then manipulated the direction of each drip by rotating the paper.

Next, students folded their paper several times to create different sections.  They applied various colors of ink using a brayer and then unfolded their paper to see the pattern that they created.

Then, students added masking tape and stickers to their paper and then painted with tempera paint.  Finally, when the paint was dry, they pulled off the masking tape to reveal the lines and shapes that they created and the many layers in their work.

This beautiful painting by Kayla was given the imaginative title "An Ostrich and a Flamingo Dancing With Their Heads Stuck Inside a Box of Spiders."

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

In Loving Memory

Portrait Drawing by Elmer

This week we lost our beloved teacher and friend, Ms. Sylvia.  She will forever be missed for her incredible energy, wonderful laugh, and dedication to her students.  Some of her students, past and present, have been sharing their portraits and drawings of memories.

Portrait by Courtney

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Congratulations to our Water Champion!

Congratulations Tadious!!!!

He has been selected as a winner for his outstanding art entry submitted to the New York City Department of Environmental Protection’s 31st annual Water Resources Art and Poetry Contest. The entry was chosen for its craftsmanship and showing a genuine understanding and appreciation for New York’s water resources. More than 1,700 watershed and New York City students participated in the contest this year. Those students with winning poetry and art, called Water Champions, will be invited on stage to receive their certificates at the May 16th celebration and award ceremony in Queens.  
Tadious created his amazing print for the DEP's art contest using foam plate etching.  He made several prints in his edition of sea creatures, and another has also been selected for this year's Brooklyn Borough Art Fair!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Public Art Proposals

Cassie by Chantel
Description: Large pink dragon made of wood.
Proposed Location: City Park
Budget: $100
Timeframe: 1 day

Students completed their sculpture unit this week by creating public art proposals.  They looked at public sculptures by artists like Martin Puryear and Yinka Shinobare and discussed where the artists chose to place their work.  Students then chose a location for their wooden assemblage pieces and wrote a practice public art proposal to request grant funding.  Their proposals included the title of the work, a short description, the materials, proposed location, cost, and time frame.  Students then designed a background depicting their proposed locations and used their sculptures as a small scale model to create a photograph to accompany the proposal.  Perhaps we will see some of these creative works around the city in the future!

Green Object Floating in White Space by Donovan
Description: It's an art of spacecraft and asteroid soaring in a white void made of wood, metal, and bricks.
Proposed Location: Outside in a desert
Budget: $600
Timeframe: 48 hours 
Robot by Lorenzo
Description: Colorful robot made of metal.
Proposed Location: New York
Budget: $10
Timeframe: 2 years

Red by Justin
Description: Small, abstract, colorful, wood
Proposed Location: Park
Budget: $1
Timeframe: 1 week 
World Trade Center Memorial by Daniel
Description: It is very tall.
Proposed Location: Manhattan E train station
Budget: $50
Timeframe: Like a week

City by Jonathan
Description: Colorful wood.
Proposed Location: The Bronx
Budget: $10,000
Timeframe: A day

Splatter Car by Kimora
Description: Big, colorful, and climbable, and made of wood, metal, and glass.
Proposed Location: Times Square, NYC
Budget: $100,000
Timeframe: 1 week
Goldmine Closed by Israel
Description: It will be big and colorful and made of metal.
Proposed Location: In front of a museum.
Budget: $10, 000
Timeframe: 2 years

Monday, April 3, 2017

Assemblage Sculpture

Students have been working on their assemblage sculptures over the past few weeks in art class.  They studied the works of many different sculptors using wood and found objects, such as Picasso, Martin Puryear, Louise Nevelson, and Marisol.  Students then created their own assemblage works by adding wooden pieces in various shapes and sizes to a circular cardboard base.  Students finished their sculptures by painting them with acrylic and tempera paint.  Next, our young artists will be writing public art proposals for their amazing work.