Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Amazing Masks

This week students finished their masks with Ms. Hiromi from Marquis Studios.  Students have been working for several months on these amazing paper maché masks as part of a residency made possible through the generosity of our Council Member Deutsch.  Students worked together in teams of two to cover a balloon with newspaper and glue.  They then helped each other to cut the balloon in two to create their masks shapes and cut eye holes.  Students then added paint and glued buttons, strings, stones, etc to add colorful textures and details.  Students completed their masks by adding rubber bands to keep their masks in place.  Several masks will be on display as part of a special exhibition at Marquis Studios.  We had so much fun learning about mask making with our visiting artist Ms. Hiromi! A special thank you to everyone involved, especially Ms. Hiromi, Marquis Studios, and Council Member Deutsch!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sketchbook Club: Color and Emotion

Last week in Sketchbook Club our young artists looked at the use of color to express emotion in artwork.  We looked at Picasso's Blue Period and the way that Vincent Vangogh used yellow in his paintings.  Students then discussed different colors and emotions and their connections and used their sketchbooks to express one or more color and emotion together.  We had a lot of fun sharing work with the group and talking about the drawings.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Inside Outside, Young Artists Against Bullying

Congratulations to our four school finalists for the Inside Outside: Young Artists Against Bullying show sponsored by the UFT! They are Anthony, Juwan, Lorenzo, and Donvan.
Great job gentlemen! We are so proud of you!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

EJK Borough Winners

A great big congratulations to Tadious, Kevin, and Brittany for their award winning books!!!! Both books were selected as Borough Winners (in middle and high school) in this year's Ezra Jack Keats Bookmaking contest! We are so super proud of wonderfully talented writers and illustrators!  Look for updates on the award ceremony and exhibition at Brooklyn Public Library later this spring!

MoMA Winter Residency Program

Students in Sketchbook Club and Class X03 have been creating very exciting artwork as part of our MoMA Access Programs Partnership!  Each week, students work with our visiting artist, Ms. Kirstin, to collaborate on a fun multi-media piece.  We started the project by learning about other artists that use letters, numbers, and text in their art.  Students then used their sketchbooks to experiment with techniques in stenciling and collage.  Next, students began working together to layer various letters using printmaking, collage, stenciling, and stamping.  We had so much fun and hope that you enjoy the work!  We submitted one section of the panels to this year's PS Art Festival: 

J. holds up her sketchbook collage.  Students were encouraged to redesign letters in new and interesting ways by cutting, collaging, and layering them. 

A student adds stencil letters to our group piece.

P. adds some more stencils.  With every layer a rich new text design emerged.

JH created this amazing painted collage using cut out letters that take on exciting new forms.

D and K work together one one of the panels.

Ms. K and Kevin share a laugh while adding more letters through a printmaking technique known as foam plate etching.

Ms. K demonstrates how to print each letter to the sketchbook club.

P created this painterly collage during the residency.

W and A work on practicing using the stencils in their new sketchbooks.