Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Clay Sculptures

Students have been finishing their amazing clay sculptures this week.  They looked at the artists Fischli & Weiss and created quick clay impressions or gestures.  The finished projects are absolutely fantastic and we hope that you enjoy them!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Congratulations to our BBAF School Finalists!

Congratulations to our school finalists for this year's Brooklyn Borough Art Fair! We are thrilled to have Tadious, Courtney and Kevin enter work in this year's festival and wish them good luck!

Sea Creatures by Tadious

The Face of Many Emotions by Courtney

The Raccoon Boy by Kevin

Congratulations to our PS Art School Finalists!

Congratulations to our amazing artists chosen as this year's PS Arts school finalists!  These incredible students have worked so hard all year, and we are very proud to have them represent PS77K!  
Good Luck and Congratulations to Kevin, Class X03 & Sketchbook Club, Alonzo, Jamie, Jhomar, Tadious, Willie, and Alex!

Bull Boy by Kevin

Alphabet City by Class X03 & Sketchbook Club

Roosevelt Island by Alonzo

My Rose Garden by Jamie

A Gorilla Breaking Bamboo by Jhomar

Sea Creatures by Tadious

Year of the Rooster by Willie

3D Hand by Alex

Friday, February 3, 2017

Clay Coil Pots

Students in art class have been busy creating and painting their coil clay pots.  We began the lesson by looking at many different examples of clay vessels from Ancient Greece.  Students explored how different pots were used for specific purposes and came in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  We then discussed vase painting and how images depicted included every day life, myths, and geometric shapes.  Students first used their sketchbooks to design a vase.  They then learned the technique of building coil pots with clay.  They first rolled a clay ball and flattened it to achieve a round base.  Next, they rolled snakelike or wormlike pieces of clay and began to wrap them around the base.  They continued this step until they built the walls of their vase as high as they wanted.  Some students chose to add handles, lids, and other decorative elements like initials.  Finally, students painted their pots in a variety of ways.  The finished pieces are absolutely amazing, and we hope you enjoy them!  

To make their coil pots, students carefully rolled clay into a snake or worm form and then wrapped it around their base in layers to build the sides.

The art room looks like a pottery studio!  There are so many beautiful pots in all different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Anthony adds yellow paint or "glaze" to his clay pot.

Students used their sketchbooks to design their vases.

We looked at pottery from Ancient Greece and were inspired by myths and traditional vase painting.

Great Museum Programs For Individuals with Autism!

Take advantage of great access programs around the city designed for you and your family!  Did you know that the Metropolitan Museum of Art offers sensory-friendly art kits that include visual maps, objects to fidget with, and a weighted blanket?  Learn more about this, and great programs at the Met on Fifth Avenue and the Cloisters including drawing and painting workshops for individuals with developmental disabilities and on the autism spectrum by clicking on the link below.

The Museum of Modern Art has an amazing program called Create Ability to explore artwork in the galleries and then respond by making your own work in the art studio.  Check out upcoming events on MoMA's website here: