Thursday, December 22, 2016

Happy Holidays!!!

This week in art class, students had fun making their own snow globe crafts.  We looked at contemporary artists Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz to inspire our winter scenes.  We hope that you enjoy the work and that you and your family have a wonderful vacation.  Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Dancing Dogs and More

Last week in art class, we explored work by the artist Keith Haring.   Students learned that Keith Haring created bold, vibrant images in a cartoon-like style.  His work often inspired messages of hope and activism.  In fact, many of our students recognized Haring's work from the Best Buddies logo!

Students learned how Keith Haring created his work with simple line, and was recognized first for his quick drawings with chalk done in NYC subway stations. After looking at many examples of Haring's work, students created their own drawings in his style by first creating a quick bold outline in black oil pastel, then adding short lines to show movement or sound, and finally adding color.  The results were beautiful and energetic.  Everyone did an amazing job!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Painting Like Basquiat

Students have been busy finishing their paintings in the style of Brooklyn artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.  We started our project by looking at paints, sketchbooks, and graffiti works by the artist and watched a short video of Basquiat working in his studio.  Students then used their sketchbooks to brainstorm ideas for their paintings.  Basquiat used many words, symbols, and numbers in his works, so our young artists created a T-chart graphic organizer to write down their favorites.  They then used their sketchbooks to plan their compositions on canvas.  Finally, they added paint in the style of Basquiat, with energetic "scribble" style brushstrokes, sometimes rewriting words or even crossing them out.  We had so much fun painting like Basquiat and our Brooklyn artists did an amazing job.

D. shares his sketchbook with his classmates during student critique. 
B. uses her sketchbook to plan out her painting composition onto the canvas.

Students then used paint to add color and more words, numbers, and symbols to their artwork.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

PS77 Artist of the Month-November and October

Congratulations to our Artists of the Month for November and October!

Our Artist for the Month of November is Sammy! Sammy has shown tremendous talent over the years, and had his work featured at the Anne Frank Center in Manhattan.  He has had animations and films screened at several film festivals and at the Cobble Hill Cinemas.  Also a talented performing artist, he was in the cast of the Lion King and performed numbers from the musical Grease here at PS77.  Above all however, Sammy always puts his classmates first and helps them with all their projects, from putting on smocks to giving high fives and compliments.  Sammy is truly an Art Star.  Congratulations!

Our featured Artist of the Month for October is Israel.  Israel is new to the art room, but he sure knows a lot about art! Ask him to tell you about a few of his favorite artists and he will share many facts about Vincent VanGogh and Pablo Picasso that he has learned from BrainPop.  He always participates with enthusiasm and brings his own unique style and energy to every project.  Congratulations!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Sketchbook Club-Chagall

This week in sketchbook club students looked at the paintings of Marc Chagall.  We discussed the dreamlike imagery and thought about our own dreams.  Then, students imagined themselves flying over towns, cities, oceans, amusement parks...anywhere they wanted to go!  They then drew themselves flying in their sketchbooks and shared their drawings with the club. Now we are sharing them with you and hope you enjoy them!

K. just joined our Sketchbook Club and we are so excited to have him in the group.  This week he made a beautiful drawing using star stencils and collaged paper wings.

 Inspired by Chagall's work, E. made this drawing his own, and shared, "I am flying over Rio!"

W. shared that he is "flying over Christmas like Santa." 

J. chose to work directly from Chagall's painting and really captured the dreamlike quality of the flying figures. She shared with us that she thinks they are in love.

Marquis Studio Residency with Ms. Hiromi

A few weeks ago we started our mask making art residency with Ms. Hiromi from Marquis Studio. The residency was made possible by an extremely generous extension of our ELL and SWD grant from our city council member, Mr. Deutsch.  Four of our classes will be working with Ms. Hiromi over the next eighteen weeks! So far, students have learned about origami, and have been using their sketchbooks to practice different techniques such as hole punching, taping, weaving, folding and crimping paper.  They will incorporate these different techniques into their mask making project in the final weeks of the residency.  We have been having so much fun working with Ms. Hiromi, and can't wait to share more great student work with you soon!

Ms. Hiromi shows students how to use a special tool to crimp color paper.
Students then used their sketchbooks to add their paper with different tape, punch holes, and eventually weave with yarn.

A sketchbook creation of a Nintendo DS using big paint markers, stickers, and tape.

Having fun with new materials!
Ms. Hiromi plays the harmonica each week for students.  This week W. surprised her by bringing his own harmonica to class and playing along with her!!!

T. created beautiful animal drawings with the paint markers and then added tape and other elements to make a mixed media work in his sketchbook.
D. adds red and blue yarn to her sketchbook cover and painting.