Friday, October 28, 2016

Making Expressionist Masks

This week, to get ready for Halloween, many of our classes made masks inspired by the bold lines and colors of Expressionism.  Students looked at several mask paintings by artist Emil Nolde, and discussed how the masks showed different emotions.  Our young artists then used oil pastels and watercolor to create their own masks.  In art, this technique is called a "resist" because the water resists the oil and fills in only the spaces surrounding the marks made by the pastel.

Let's All Scream...for Halloween!

This week, students looked at the work of expressionist painter Edvard Munch in art.  They discussed his painting The Scream, and looked at four different versions of the image that the artist created over seven years in different mediums, including tempera paint, crayon, and pastel.  Students then shared what they found frightening--snakes, spiders, ghosts, monsters--and then created an expressionist drawing in oil pastel in the style of Munch...just in time for Halloween!  

Value Paintings

Students have been continuing their study of value in art class.  They looked at the work of American artist Georgia O'Keefe, and discussed how she mixed colors to achieve value.  Students compared and contrasted paintings by O'Keefe, including her desert landscapes and her cityscapes of New York.  Students then created their own value paintings by deciding on a cityscape or a landscape of mountains, trees, or the ocean.  They then chose and a color to mix with black and white to create multiple values.  

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Value Drawing: Charcoal Portraits

Students continued working on value drawing this week and experimented with a new drawing material, charcoal.  Students used both white chalk and black charcoal to create their portraits on gray paper, which acts as a middle value.  Some students created their portraits inside of a circular composition, inspired by the drawings of artist Charles White.  Next week, students will create paintings that incorporate value.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Updates with Remind

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Value and Texture Collages

This week in art, several classes created collages that demonstrated a range of value.  Students chose from a wide variety of textural photographs to cut and add to their collage.  Next week, students will be preparing their own papers for collage by mixing black and white into different colors of paint to achieve a range of values.

Value Drawings: Sketchbook

This week in art class students began learning about value.  We looked at two artists, Charles White and K├Ąthe Kollwitz, whose charcoal drawings and prints show a range of value.  Students created their own value charts in their sketchbooks, learning how to apply the right pressure to their pencil to create light and dark marks.  Students then used the charts they created to help them create a sketch that demonstrated a range of value.  Next week students will be creating self portraits that show value using charcoal, before applying their new knowledge to painting.