Tuesday, May 31, 2016

MoMA Partnership Spring 2016

Students worked with our visiting artist, Ms.K, from the MoMA, and learned about the environmental paintings of artist Anselm Kiefer.  They collaborated to created multiple panels inspired by water and land, using a variety of media and techniques.  First, students used ink and dropped various colors onto a wet paper surface to mimic the look of ocean waters.  Next, they used found natural materials and gel medium with lava sand to create the look of a wooded landscape.  Then students glazed their land panels with transparent color gels.  Finally, students worked together to plan their composition and assemble all the panels into a collaborative mixed media piece.  We had so much fun, and hope you enjoy the finished work.  A big thank you to Ms. K and MoMa Access Programs for working with us again this year!  We can't wait until fall!

During our first session, students first used brushes and water to create wet areas or puddles of water on the paper.
Students then used droppers to add ink to areas of the areas of the paper that they brushed with water.
Students added multiple colors of ink to create interesting "wet on wet" technique effects.
For our second week students collaged found natural materials, such as pine needles, leaves, bark, and flowers, onto paper panels using a gel medium with lava sand embedded in it.
The results were beautiful, and really captured a feeling of land.
Students used our third session to add multiple layers of paint mixed with metalic gel medium to add natural colors inspired by landscapes.
Students shared work to make the process a true collaboration.
All of our artists, like Anthony, were excited by the final panels.
For the final week of our project, Ms. K showed us how we can arrange and rearrange the panels to create an interesting composition.
Students worked together to add one panel at a time and then discussed which panels should rotate or move to another location.  When they were happy with their group decision, they collaborated to carefully glue each section to a large sheet of backing paper.
For the final step, students rearranged each grouping of panels to create a large beautiful final mixed media painting consisting of over 32 smaller works.  You will be able to see our young artists incredible masterpiece this summer, hanging in front of the art room. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Lights, Camera, Action!

Students have started filming their stop-motion animation!  In class, they learned about the many jobs available in the career field of animation, and we discussed that many people must work together, or collaborate, to create a finished movie.  Students explored jobs such as animator, director, set designer, prop manager, lighting, and even being in charge of the clapper board!  Creating an animation is a lot of hard work.  Students must first move their characters and then photograph or capture each frame.  It will take thousands of these frames to create our finished film!  Continue to check our blog for updates on the process of making our animation, and for a link to the final movie: The Circus Comes to Town.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Ezra Jack Keats Awards

EJK Bookmaking Ceremony from Ezra Jack Keats Foundation on Vimeo.

This Friday, four of our incredibly talented and creative writers and artists: Matthew, Nicholas, Willie, and Matheus, had work celebrated at the 30th Annual Ezra Jack Keats Book Awards!  Students received beautiful pins, tote bags full of great books, and a monetary prize.  The books, Adventure in Japan by Matthew and Nicholas, and The Sounds of Winter in New York City by Matheus and Willie, will be on display at the Brooklyn Public Library at Grand Army Plaza. We couldn't be more proud of all of their hard work and great accomplishment!  Congratulations again to our amazing students and their families, and thank you to the Ezra Jack Keats Foundation for providing such a wonderful opportunity for NYC students to show their talents!  And a special thank you to Ms. Devon, Ms. Pam, and Mr. Chad for helping students to write their text for these fantastic books, and for a great collaboration.

Matthew and Nicholas accept their awards on stage at the ceremony.
Matheus and Willie are very excited to receive their awards.
Matthew and Nicholas pose for photos at the award show.
Their book Adventure in Japan won the high school borough award.  They collaborated to both write and illustrate their entry, seen here in the EJK catalogue.
Willie and Matheus take time from meeting with fans to pose for a photo at the ceremony.
Matheus wrote the story for The Sounds of Winter in New York City, and Willie illustrated their book, which won the Middle School borough award.
All of this year's winners pose for a group photo after the ceremony.
Students held up letters to spell out a birthday message to celebrate Ezra's 100th.
The Sounds of Winter in New York City on display at the Brooklyn Public Library. 
Nicholas and Matthew pose with their winning book, on display at the library.  

Thursday, May 19, 2016

VSA Mural

This year's theme for the VSA mural/calendar contest was "What a Wonderful World."  Students listened to the amazing Louis Armstrong song and were inspired by the many colors in the lyrics.  We focused on reviewing mixing colors and then painted large sheets of paper with primary and secondary colors.  We then collaborated with our fantastic workshop class, and students used stencils to cut the colorful pages into puzzle pieces.  Our talented artists then collaged the multicolor puzzle pieces to create a beautiful to represent the theme.  We hope you enjoy this year's entry and wish our students good luck in the competition!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Claymation Characters

Students have been very busy in art class finishing up their clay characters for our stop-motion animation.  After learning how to build an armature, or wire support structure sort of like a skeleton, students worked on bringing their characters to life by adding clothes, hair, faces, and other creative details.  Our artists were asked to think about balance and movement while they were creating their figures, and worked hard to get their characters to stand up on their own.  Everyone did a fantastic job!  Here are some of the completed characters.  They already have so much personality!  Don't forget to check back in to see our set designs next week, and to see the completed animation in June.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Student Voices!

Andy Warhol
By Willie

I learned about Andy Warhol.  He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1928.  He went to college at Carnegie Institute of Technology.  This artist makes Pop Art.  He makes work about people that are famous or important.  One interesting thing that I learned is that he was making lots of money.