Friday, April 22, 2016

Creating Characters for our Animation!

This week students started working on their characters for our stop-motion animation about a circus.  Students used their storyboards to decide on a character to create.  They learned how to build an armature, a sort of skeleton to help support their clay figure.  They then learned how to slowly build up clay around their armature to allow for movement of their character, and to show balance so their character won't fall down in the middle of filming the movie!  We are off to a great start and already have a cast of clowns, lions, trapeze artists, and even an audience made from wooden sticks.

One of our artists creates a fantastic clown using modeling clay.

What circus isn't complete without a blue lion!

Kimora used a variety of clay colors to create this adorable lion for our circus act.

One of our talented artists using wooden sticks, paper scraps, yarn, buttons, and glue to create the audience.

Our  circus audience.

Another creative lion and lion tamer from the wonderful artists in class Y55.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Student Voices!

Welcome to a new segment of our blog called Student Voices, where our talented students will become art critics and historians to share with you thoughts about their favorite artists.  Students used books from the art room library, as well as online sources to find information about their artist and to choose an image to present on the blog.  We hope you enjoy hearing from our young critics!

Jackson Pollock
by Matheus

My favorite artist is Jackson Pollock.  He was born in 1912 in Cody Wyoming.  Jackson Pollock studied art in New York at college.  He makes paintings about feelings.  I love Jackson Pollock because his paintings are colorful.  One interesting fact is that he liked to work outside.

Storyboarding for our Animations!

Last week students started to create storyboards for this year's stop-motion animation project.   Classes watched Alexander Calder's Circus, and students worked together to brainstorm ideas for a circus themed animation.  They learned how artists use storyboards to sequence their concepts for characters, setting, and plot.  Students looked at storyboards from the animation, Spongebob Squarepants, and learned how artists include action notes and dialogue along with images to complete their storyboards.  One class worked together to support their classmate, Franklyn, who is working on a sequel to his animation, Zero's Dream, a story about an adventurous alien that leaves his family behind and travels to Earth.  Next, students will be using these storyboards to start building characters for their animations.

An amazing detailed storyboard for Zero's Dream.

A colorful storyboard full of ideas.

One of our young artists hard at work.

An exciting storyboard for tightrope walkers at the circus.

A great story about a magician that shows wonderful sequencing.

A unique storyboard with great dialogue.

This artist takes us from the start of the circus to the end when the crowd goes wild.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


A big congratulations to Kashief!  He is a finalist in the PS Art Show for the second year in a row!  Last year, his watercolor painting, Self-Portrait with Rock and Roll Guitar, was exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of art as well as in Time's Square.  This year his work, The Jazz Trio, was chosen. We are so proud of all his hard work and talent.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Museum Programs for Teens and Families

Friday, April 15
4–6 pm
Whitney Museum of American Art
99 Gansevoort Street
Floor Three, Laurie M. Tisch Education Center
Join artist Mathew Cerletty to create artworks inspired by important personal objects that may seem ordinary to others. Cerletty’s paintings often combine personal memories, everyday subjects, and mysterious settings. His work is currently on view at the Whitney in Flatlands.
Free for New York City teens. Refreshments and art materials provided. No RSVP required.
Questions? Email
Learn more about teen programs at or like us onFacebook for updates on programs and events.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Celebrating Spring

This past week in art class students created colorful floral still lives to celebrate spring(despite the cold weather and possible snowstorm!).  Students reviewed important vocabulary including still life, vertical, and cross hatching before practicing their observational drawing skills.  Then each student chose how to add color to their image by first picking a medium-marker, colored pencil, crayon, or watercolor.  And then using their imaginations to create their beautiful spring flowers.  Students took their drawings back to their classes to decorate for the season.  I was so impressed by how lovely these images turned out and how much our young artists have developed their talents this year!