Tuesday, November 17, 2015


This week students have been finishing up their two color etchings.  They have been working very hard to complete the may steps in this printmaking process.  First students transferred their self-portraits to their foam etching plate.  Next they used black ink to print at least two copies of their image.  Some students labeled these as artist's proofs, or test prints. Then students reworked their original plate adding value and texture through hatching and cross-hatching.  Finally they "registered" their plates by lining them up with the first color copy, and printed a second color on top.  They did such an amazing job that we may add a third and fourth color to some!

Some classes created fall leaf prints by using a stencil shape.  They traced the leaf onto the foam etching plate and then practiced using hatching and cross-hatching within that shape.  They then printed their etching in one color, choosing warm color paper as their background.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Drawing Using Hatching and Crosshatching

Last week students started a unit on printmaking in art class.  They looked at etchings created by the artist Lucien Freud and discussed how artists can create value using line through hatching and crosshatching.  Students practiced these new techniques in their sketchbooks before beginning their etching plates.  Check back in soon to see some of the beautiful etchings that they have been working on in class.