Thursday, October 29, 2015

Day of the Dead

This week our young artists had some fun creating colorful images inspired or influenced by the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead.  In fact, we talked a lot about the words "inspired" and "influenced, and looked at how artists often borrow ideas or imagery from other artists.  This week we learned how the printmaker Jose Guadalupe Posada influenced Diego Rivera and many other Mexican artists.  We then looked at examples from contemporary folk art in Mexico, including candy sugar skulls, and students created vibrant artwork using stamps, markers, and glitter.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fun & Free Art Class at the Whitney

For New York City teens in grades 9–12
Fridays, October 23–December 11 (excluding November 27)

4–6 pm
Grab your friends and get creative! Every Friday afternoon, you're invited to a free drop-in art making program. Bring your works-in-progress or create something entirely new. All supplies are provided and no previous art experience is required—everyone is welcome.
This event is free to attend; no RSVP is required. Upon entrance, pick up a ticket from a teen volunteer in the lobby. Program held on Floor Three.
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Learn more about teen programs at or like us onFacebook for updates on programs and events.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Sketching and Printing Fall Leaves

This week students explored the theme of autumn in art class.  Students looked at the artwork of Georgia O'Keefe, Vincent VanGogh, and Lucien Freud.  We discussed how artists use studies or sketches to help them plan larger works, like paintings.  We also talked about the warm colors: red, orange, and yellow.  Some classes created leaf prints using these warm colors, while others practiced their observational drawing skills and created detailed sketches of fall leaves.  One class even tried their hand at using charcoal and chalk to show contrast and value.  

A leaf print showing the use of symmetry.

This student demonstrates their knowledge of warm colors in this beautiful fall print.

Students used a paint brush to coat their leaves in warm colors, and then used a roller to print the image onto paper.

A colorful, creative study of a branch.

This student used careful observation skills to create this detailed sketch.

This page demonstrates a great understanding of composition.

This student had fun exploring many elements of fall in this bright sketch.

This student looked closely at the varied coloration of his leaf.

Students had fun using charcoal and chalk in art class.

Here, one of our artists carefully observes a tree branch.

The artists displayed their work and we had a mini-critique to talk about each other's drawings.  Great job everyone!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Yayoi Kusama Style Pumpkins

This week students looked at work by the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.  Kusama worked in a wide variety of media including painting, performance, sculpture, and installation.  Her work transcends both minimalism and pop art and she is best known for her polka-dot patterns, which cover everything from pumpkins to entire rooms.  While looking at Kusama's work in class we discussed color, including monochromatic and complimentary color schemes.  We also talked about pattern, and how artists use pattern in their work. Students had a lot of fun using Qtips top apply  paint to their pumpkin shapes and contrasting backgrounds.  We hope you like the paintings and enjoy this twist on a classic fall theme.