Thursday, May 28, 2015

Brooklyn Borough Art Fair

Congratulations to Kimora, Kevin, and Jamie, whose work was chosen for the first ever Brooklyn Borough Art Fair, exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.  The young artists celebrated last night at the opening reception along with family and friends.  It was a fantastic exhibition and we are so proud to have three amazing talented students represent PS77!

Kimora proudly shows off her beautiful digital self-portrait inspired by Kehinde Wiley.

Kevin poses for photos in front of his amazingly detailed colored pencil drawing.

Jamie's wonderful watercolor painting, Faces, on display at the BBAF.

Kimora's work along with her artist statement.

The welcome sign for the art fair, held in the Brooklyn Museum of Art's rotunda.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Scoring Our Film

Jimmy adds some drumbeats to our soundtrack.
This week in art, students have been using the iPads and the app Garage Band to create a musical score for our animation.  They are able to choose from a variety of instruments like drums, keyboards, brass, strings, and more.  Students can then change the pitch and sound of their instrument while playing.  After practicing and experimenting with different sounds, students record their section of the song.  Finally, classes work together to put together each track into a final scored composition.  You will be able to hear their final product as the soundtrack to our Future City animation!

Another student overlays his track using a different drum kit in Garage Band.

Justin plays the keyboard to create some cool music for our animation.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Ezra Jack Keats 29th Annual Book Awards

NY1 from Ezra Jack Keats Foundation on Vimeo.

Kevin's award winning book, The Brown M Train, on display at The Brooklyn Public Library.

This Friday, three of our amazing artists were honored at the Ezra Jack Keats 29th Annual Book Awards Ceremony at the Tweed building in Manhattan.  Kevin received the City-Wide award in the High School category for his book The Brown M Train, and Kimora and Jamie received the Borough award for Middle School for their book The Ruby Empress.  All three winners received prize money, a beautiful pin, and a Penguin Books tote filled with great books! Students celebrated their success with their families, teachers, and fellow winners from other schools.  You can see their incredible books on display now at the Brooklyn Public Library's Grand Army Plaza branch.  You can also catch their amazing stories come to life through animation at this year's PS77 Second Annual Film Festival on June 1st, at 1PM. Congratulations again to our super talented writers and illustrators!

The award winning book, The Ruby Empress, written by Kimora and illustrated by Jamie, on display at the BPL.

The talented authors and illustrators, Kevin, Jamie, and Kimora, at the award ceremony.

Kevin's book page in this year's beautiful catalogue.

The page for The Ruby Empress, by Kimora and Jamie, in this year's  29th Annual Book Awards Catalogue.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Kaleidoscope of Creativity

UPDATE!!! Our mural, Kaleidoscope of Creativity, has been chosen for this year's VSA calendar!!!!
Congrats to all of our student artists!!!

This week, students in several classes worked together to create a colorful collage for this year's VSA mural competition.  They used digital prints from many of their iPad art projects, including monochrome selfies and work generated using the app Fragment.  The theme of this year's contest was Kaleidoscopes, and we tried to capture the many cultures and elements of our school community in our entry.  Good luck to our amazing artists.  Last year, students had their work selected to be part of the calendar, and they attended the award ceremony and exhibition earlier this year.  If you missed the story, you can read about it here.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lights! Camera! Action! - Animation Time Continues!

John signals to our director that it is a new scene.

Kevin carefully moves the subway tram cars along the suspended cable.

Kimora makes sure the shot looks perfect before capturing the frame.
Anthony animates his cardboard taxi.  He only moves the cars a little bit at a time for each frame.
Kevin carefully moves an MTA bus and a cardboard car.  Animators have to keep track of multiple objects at one time.

Ms. Lauren, our speech therapist, works with Robert to measure 1/2 an inch, the distance he will need to move his car for each frame.

Kashief says ACTION! to let Michael, our director, know to capture the frame.

Friday, May 8, 2015

It's Animation Time!

Our future city set is complete!

Students in art class have started animating their future city for their stop motion film.  They are collaborating to create the animation by taking on different roles, such as director, animator, and designer.  Students must communicate with each other and work together to accomplish each scene.  The animators move each object a short distance, only about 1/2 inch, and then move behind line and call "ACTION" to let the director know to record the frame.  The director then double checks the frame on the iPad (to make certain that there are no hands in the way!) and hits the "capture" button on the app iMotion.  Did you know that there are around 15 frames per second?  Animation takes a lot of time and hard work, but our amazing artists are up to the challenge.  We hope you will check out the finished work at our film festival June 1st!
Keneshia directs her class as they move cars around the set for  our stop motion animation.  The director needs to communicate with the animators and make sure that everyone is clear before capturing the frame.
Justin uses the app iMotion on the iPad to enter in his class number when saving his animation.

Jasmine holds up her cardboard figure of a woman running.  

Jasmine animates her running figure while Uzair directs.

Jimmy uses a clapboard to signal the start of a new scene.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Student Art Show!!!

The 2015 Student Art Show is up!  Please stop by the main office hallway to see all the great work that our students have created this year.  The show features one piece of artwork from all students in art class, and includes painting, collage, digital art, and drawing.  More artwork will be displayed during our STEM fair this May.  I will be sending home information about the show soon, along with student portfolios and invitations to our Second Annual Film Festival (scheduled tentatively for June 1st).
Congratulations to all of our students for their hard work and dedication.  And thank you to all paraprofessionals, teachers, and administration for making this show possible.

Building Our Future City - Week 2

Emmanuel made this beautiful hotel for our future city using cardboard, paper scraps, and old Scrabble tiles.

This week students continued to build our city of the future for our animation set.  They added details like doors, windows and gates to the colorful cardboard boxes that they painted last week.  We even made solar panel rooftops using old compact discs and bottle caps.  Some students worked on colorful gardens using color tissue paper, recycled puzzle pieces, and other objects. Other students created shops and businesses using old Scrabble letters.  Many students chose to work on "moving" objects for the animation, such as cars, people, trains, animals, etc.  They drew them on recycled cardboard soda and cereal boxes and then added details like tires with old bottle caps.

Xavier created this beautiful garden for our city using recycled color tissue paper.

Jimmy carefully removes keys from an old keyboard.  It will be recycled to build a futuristic skyscraper for our city.  We will use the keys to make signs and addresses for buildings.

Daniel created this park with recycled puzzle pieces.

Jeremy and John draw futuristic cars for the animation.  They used old wire and bottle caps to attach wheels.

Dareanne made this carrot patch from an old cardboard shipping container and color tissue scraps.