Friday, April 24, 2015

Brooklyn Museum of Art Field Trip - Kehinde Wiley and Basquiat

This afternoon students from Classes X04 and X05 visited the Brooklyn Museum of Art to see the work of artists Kehinde Wiley and Jean-Michel Basquiat.  We had a great time learning about the artists and looking at some amazing work.  To visit these two great exhibitions with your family for free, check out Target First Fridays at the museum!

Students looked at beautiful stained glass windows created by the artist Kehinde Wiley.  These reminded many of our students of their church windows.

A detail of one of the artist's stained glass windows showing contemporary clothing like Converse sneakers.

Kashief takes a moment to pose in front of one Kehinde Wiley's bronze sculptures.

One room featured a film of many smiling faces.  This is from Kehinde Wiley's "street casting" sessions.  This was Kevin's favorite work.
Nicholas and Mickey talk about one of the paintings in the exhibition. 
Jasmine smiles in front of a painting we looked at in art class. 
Kevin, Uzair, Kashief, and Jasmine can't believe  the size of this painting.  Many of the artist's works are over 20 feet, something hard to comprehend in the art room alone. 

Isaiah liked this painting of two friends shaking hands.

Mathew and Nicholas pose like the models in the painting.  This one was Matthew's favorite.

Kevin remembered seeing this painting by Kehinde Wiley advertised on  the subway.

Jasmine and Alana enjoyed seeing the artist's more recent paintings portraying women.

Ms. Lisa and Isaiah were excited to discover a painting of Michael Jackson!
Anthony looks at a painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat.  There is a lot of text in his work, and plenty to read! 
A brightly colored sign painting from the Basquiat show that focuses on the artist's notebooks.

A busy painting by the artist Basquiat.  His work was Alana's favorite part of our trip.

Building Our Future City - Animation Set Design

Cartonlandia by artist Ana Serrano.  Our inspiration for an animation set.
This week in art students started working on building their future city designs.  They have been busy painting boxes in bright, vibrant colors inspired by a sculpture made entirely of cardboard by artist Ana Serrano.  Next week students will begin building their city and adding details like doors, windows, fences, roads, cars, people, trees, etc.  We will use our city as the set for an animation and display it at our upcoming STEM fair in May.

Alexi paints a complicated cardboard piece green for our city's park.
Uzair paints soup container lids to be stacked in a futuristic tower.

Jasmine, Kashief, and Anthony paint soup lids in a variety of colors.

Jacob carefully paints a small box blue for our animation set.

Taylor chose green for his box.  It looks like we are going to have a very eco-friendly city!

Jimmy is following the first rule of art class - smile and have fun!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Congratulations to our Amazing Young Artists!

This year Kashief was chosen as a finalist for PS Art! His painting, Self-Portrait with Rock & Roll Guitar will be on exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art starting in June!  It was picked from over a thousand entries from students across NYC! We also had three borough finalists, Kimora, Kevin, and Jamie, who were chosen to show their work at the Brooklyn Museum of Art this May at the first ever Brooklyn Borough Fair! We are so excited and proud by their hard work and talent, and hope you will be able to see these fantastic exhibitions!

Self-Portrait with Rock & Roll Guitar by Kashief will be on exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art this June!

Jungle and Trees by Kimora will be on exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art this May.  (Alongside an exhibition of her favorite artist and inspiration for this work,  Kehinde Wiley!) 
Restore the Brown M Train! by Kevin will be on exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art this May. 

Faces by Jamie will be on exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art this May. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Future Cities

Alex's city from the future, in the year 2036, has flying busses and boats...and giant sharks!

This week in art class students imagined what cities might look like in the future.  They took on roles of architects and city planners and designed cities that would solve a number of problems, including pollution, overcrowding, transportation, food and water, shelter, etc.  We had a lot of fun envisioning flying cars and busses, jetpacks and rocket shoes, underwater cities and space cities.  Next week students will be using cardboard, as part of our global cardboard challenge, to construct 3D models of their designs.  We will later be using these models as the sets for upcoming animations.

Brittany designed this underwater coral reef city.  Divers can enter the city through the black hole...but watch out for sharks! 
Keneshia's city is just 4 years into the future, but a lot has changed! There are walking trees, flying houses and traffic lights, and two moons! 
Nicholas had fun drawing flying cars in his vision of the future. 
Kevin solved lots of design problems in his drawing of the year 2524.  He included solar energy panels that help keep transportation, including a pink spiked train, moving.

Cory imagined robots and flying cars in this futuristic cityscape.

Can you find the robot hidden in Jonathan's bright and colorful city of tomorrow?

Jordyn considered issues of sustainability by including greenhouses in his drawing of our city in 2080.

How will people get around in the future? Alexi designed these cool jet-powered sneakers!

Have you ever imagined what NYC will look like in the year 2075? Anthony imagined eco-friendly green lights and solar powered buildings that float about the street!