Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lion King World Performance

The Circle of Life performed by The Ensemble.

Watch out Broadway, today the stars were shining Park Place!  Students at PS77 put on an amazing adaptation of Lion King World.  They demonstrated their amazing singing, dancing, and acting talents for a large crowd of their peers, teachers, staff, administration, and parents.  Every performance was incredible and students received thunderous applause and many standing ovations.  Here are a few photos from the day.  I hope to post a short video soon showing some of the highlights.  If you were not able to make it, please check back to watch.  

We are so grateful to the Office of Arts and Special Projects for giving us the grant to make this performance possible.  Thank you so much to our partner organization, Music for Many, and our visiting artist. A big thank you to Jennifer Quinn, who did an amazing job with choreography.  A special thank you to Mr. Ray and Mr. James for hanging our set, and a huge thank you to Ms. Jenny, Ms. Sarah, and all of the teachers and paraprofessionals that worked so long and hard to make this show happen.

Nicholas smiles after his amazing performance as a Zebra.

Mathew and Elmer sing on stage as Alana, Alexi, and Isaiah dance behind them.

Proud to be part of the pride, Anthony shows off his lion costume.

Ms. Jenny's class wows the crowd with a fantastic African dance originating from workers competing to shake the dust off of their boots. 

Alexi following his wonderful performance as a Tiger.  Who said tigers and snakes can't be friends?!

The lion pride roaring for the audience during their incredible number.

Jasmine and Thutmose star as Sarabi and Mufasa.

The entire cast got a standing ovation with their unbelievable dance number.

Isaiah takes a moment to smile for the camera backstage before the big finale.

Thutmose  shows off his amazing drumming talent and gets the crowd on their feet and dancing.

Keneshia practices a few songs before going on stage.

Anthony, Justin, and Kevin have some fun backstage before the show.

Lion King World - Behind the Scenes

Students have been very busy in art class preparing for PS77's Lion King World performance.  We watched clips from The Lion King broadway musical and learned about how artist Julie Taymor adapted the animated film for theatre.  Students studied costumes and set designs from the production and then began creating their own.  They made beautiful beaded necklaces and lion's manes for the performers to wear.  Students also helped to create a large sunset backdrop and a replica of "Pride Rock" for the set.  They helped make the performance a magical experience.

Henry works hard on a beaded necklace.

Students looked at Julie Taymor's costume designs and then made their own necklaces with African inspired beads.

Our Simba puppet based on the broadway production.

Students helped create this sunset for the background of the show by gluing yellow paper into the shape of the sun to give it a shimmering look.

Look, our holiday reindeer turned into a gazelle!

Jimmy paints "pride rock" for the set of The Lion King.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sculpture in the Style of Judith Scott

Last week students visited the Brooklyn Museum of Art to see the exhibition Bound and Unbound by artist Judith Scott.  This week, students worked in the style of the artist and experienced what it would be like to create one of her sculptures.  They chose from a variety of found materials, such as cardboard, sticks, beads, and material to add to their form.  Then they worked together to bind the materials with yarn, string, and ribbon.  Because sculptures are three dimensional, they can be viewed from every angle.  Each viewpoint is different, and although this is a collaborative piece, it captures the many different styles of our artists.  They did a wonderful job working together and the results are beautiful!  We hope you enjoy our interpretations of Judith Scott's work.

This view captures the many layers of wrapped yarn and ribbon.
Students added material, foam, denim, beads, and cardboard to form their sculpture.

Anthony wraps orange yarn to help secure the large plastic bead he added.
Michael ties yarn around a foam circle.  His shapes added a bright mix of color to the sculpture.

Jasmine weaves material through the yarn her classmates tied around the main cardboard form.

Kashief holds up the sculpture mid-way through the collaborative process.

Thutmose chose a peach colored yarn to wrap around the form.
Chantal's beautiful sketch for her sculpture.

Uzair added this beautiful red yarn to the work.

Brittany created this amazing yarn snake.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Brooklyn Museum of Art Field Trip - Part 2

A photograph of the artist Judith Scott working on one of her inspiring sculptures.

Students from class X05 braved the snow (on the first day of Spring!) to view the Judith Scott exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.  Students had a great time learning about the artist and her process of working, and seeing her beautiful wrapped sculptures.  To learn more about the artist and to see the first post from our school's visit to the museum click here.  Classes will be returning to the museum this April to view the Kehinde Wiley show.

Kevin discusses two of the works in the exhibition with our tour guide Ms. Phaedra.

Students learned about monochromatic (one color) works of art.
They also discussed symmetry and asymmetry, and form and balance.

Students had the opportunity to draw Judith Scott's sculptures while at the museum.
Anthony holds up his drawing from a work made of denim that looked a lot like a snail.

Kevin drew from a sculpture that incorporated a bicycle wheel.

Students had the opportunity to feel different materials that the artist used in her work.
Kashief and Jasmine guess what is inside of their bags by touch.
Some of her work used sticks, yarn, and string.  They look as if something is wrapped inside.  We had a lot of fun guessing what it might be.  Students saw alligators, sharks, and instruments.  What do you see?

Jasmine thought that this sculpture looked like a pink birthday cake and that the other sculptures looked like birthday presents all wrapped up!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Brooklyn Museum of Art Field Trip

Today students from class X04 visited the Brooklyn Museum of Art to see the work of artist Judith Scott.  Judith Scott was an American artist who was born with Down Syndrome and was deaf and non-verbal.  As an adult she was introduced to the program, Creative Growth, that fostered and celebrated artists with disabilities.  While working with this art program, she created numerous beautiful drawings and bound sculptures from yarn, string, and found materials.  Students explored these works with the help of our tour guide Ms. Erin.  They discussed the materials, shape, and form of several sculptures.  They sketched from their favorite works and imagined how the artist put together each structure.  We had a great time at the museum viewing the exhibition Bound and Unbound.  Next week students will be creating their own sculptural works from yarn and found materials in art class.  

Emmanuel answers one of Ms. Erin's questions about materials used by the artist. 
Micky describes what he sees in this large sculpture of a shopping cart bound in yarn.  They discuss what function the object has before and after it became part of the art work.

One of Judith Scott's circle drawings.
Alana was excited to discover similarities in her own work to that of the artist Judith Scott.  She draws circles like the ones seen in Scott's crayon drawings.

Alana's beautiful interpretation of Judith Scott's work.
Ms. Erin shows students a large sculptural work hanging on the wall.

Students were able to imagine how the artwork feels by touching similar materials used to create each piece.

Nicholas holds up his drawing.  He created layers of graphite line with many circular motions.

Ms. Erin shows Nicholas how to find more information about his favorite piece.

Isaiah draws from four different sculptures.

He captures the detail and form of the materials used in each work.

Matthew and Emmanuel draw while at the museum.

A close up of one of Judith Scott's sculptures. 

An image of a sculpture using plastic tubes bound with yarn.
Ms. Shannon works with Alana to sketch from one of the sculptures.