Friday, February 27, 2015

iPad Animations

Here are just some of the animations that students created this year in art class.  We hope to share more throughout the semester, and of course at our 2nd Annual Film Festival this spring!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Kehinde Wiley Style Portraits

Justin looking cool in his beautiful self-portrait.

This week students looked at the work of artist Kehinde Wiley.  His beautiful portraits of contemporary African American men and women draw attention to the underrepresentation of black subjects in art history and western painting tradition.  The artist finds his subjects by "street casting" or approaching individuals in his neighborhood and other urban areas.  He then allows the model he finds to choose a painting from history and paints them in a similar style.  He places his models against ornate backgrounds that suggest wallpapers or fabrics from a variety of backgrounds.  In art class, students took self-portraits using Photobooth on the computer.  They chose from a number of different props and contemporary accessories to further represent their personality.  Some students chose to draw their portraits instead.  Then students chose a fabric background for their photographs or drawings.  They used glue to layer these items on a piece of cardboard. We had a lot of fun making these exciting self-portraits and hope you enjoy them.  If you and your family are interested in seeing more of Kehinde Wiley's work, his amazing exhibition, New Republic, is up right now at the Brooklyn Art Museum!  You can also watch the wonderful PBS documentary, Kehinde Wiley: An Economy of Grace online.

Kimora chose a fabric to match her wonderful fashion drawing.

Henry is all smiles posing for his portrait.

Ali chose this beautiful batik fabric to represent himself.

Eryk found this great western print as the background for his photo.

Isaiah created this wonderful drawing and placed it on a bright and cheerful fabric.

Inspired by the floral backgrounds of Kehinde Wiley, Nicholas placed his colored pencil self-portrait on this fabric.

Brittany chose props such as snakes and birds to portray her love of animals.
Mickey drew this amazing version of one Kehinde Wiley's paintings.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

PS Arts School Finalists

Congratulations to this year's PS Arts School Finalists!

High School: Brandon, Kashief, Kevin, and Classes X01 and X02

Middle School:  Kimora, Jamie, and Jacob

Restore The Brown M Train, by Kevin
Colored Pencil

Ice Cream, by Jacob
Oil Pastel

The Avenger, by Brandon
Digital Drawing

Jungle and Trees, by Kimora
Digitally Altered Photograph

Self-Portrait with Rock and Roll Guitar, by Kashief

Faces, by Jamie
Watercolor and Ink

Still Life with Pumpkin, by Jamie
Tempera Paint

Picnic in the Art Room, by Class X01 and Class X02
Photographic Print of 3D Paper Collage

Thursday, February 12, 2015

MoMA Partnership - Week 6

Where can you pour lemonade on your friend's head, steal a slice of pizza, feed a deer and pet snake some groceries, and bake a delicious birthday cake?  In art class of course!!!  This week students had a crazy time creating photographic tableaus using props from the paper still life they created.  They took turns acting as photographer and as actors "freezing" in place.  Students made toast, ate takeout, celebrated a deer's birthday, fried eggs, celebrated Valentine's day, and much, much more, all without leaving the art room.  After vacation students will wrap up their creative MoMa partnership by using the iPads to take close-ups of their still life and discuss them with the class.  

Keneshia surprises John with some ice cold lemonade while he enjoys his pancake sunday!

The art room "kitchen."

Kevin accuses Jeremy of eating a slice of his pizza!

Brittany relaxes with some of her new friends.

Happy Birthday! Kimora wants you to enjoy this beautiful cake.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

MoMA Partnership - Weeks 4 & 5

John has some fun wearing his paper pancakes as a hat!

We have been having so much fun in Art!  The classes taking part in this winter's MoMA partnership continued creating 3D collages this week.  Inspired by the work of Daniel Gordon, students made a delicious array for their still life all out of paper.  They brainstormed things found in a kitchen along with their favorite foods and then got to work.  We had so much fun making pancakes, pizza, fruit, soda, ketchup, burgers, fish, and much, much more.  Next week students will keep creating paper sculptures and then use a digital camera to take tableau photographs.  

Do you like anchovies on your pizza?  Brittany uses a whole fish for her pizza topping!

A look inside our paper fridge...looks like we need to go shopping!

The students' still life in progress.

The kitchen window in our still life, complete with flowers, curtains, and a visiting butterfly.

Kimora adds roses to the wall paper.

Jeremy stuffs a paper fish, made from two photographic images,  to make it look three dimensional.

Brian gives a thumbs up to his ketchup bottle, which he made by wrapping paper photos around a cardboard tube.