Monday, January 26, 2015

Digital Landscapes

Nick used ArtSet on the iPad to create this beautiful digital painting.

Students in art class have been learning about landscapes.  We looked at many different types of landscapes created by different artists.  Students identified what they saw in the landscapes and discussed place (country, town, city) , time of day, season, and time period. Then some students created their own digital landscapes using the app ArtSet on the iPad.  In ArtSet our young artists are able to use a variety of mediums, such as oil paint, oil pastels, markers, color pencils, and crayons, as well as a large spectrum of colors and papers to create their masterpieces.  Other students enjoyed the app StarryNight.  In this sensory app students were able to interact with an animated version of Vincent VanGogh's famous painting The Starry Night.

J drew his own beautiful version of a starry night using the iPad.
Mickey drew this wonderful scene of Manhattan using the iPad.

J used washes of paint and oil pastel to create this colorful garden.

This artist imported a photo and added paint to create this amazing cityscape. 
Jonathan translated his paper drawings into this fantastic digital image using markers and paint in the app ArtSet.

Anthony worked from a photograph to paint this scene of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Shamarie used markers in ArtSet to draw this NYC image.
D engaging with the app StarryNight

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Independent Study

This year, one of our talented artists, Brandon, has been using his independent study period in Art to work on his comic book characters using the iPad.  Brandon's favorite app is Sketchbook Express.
He begins each drawing by lightly sketch out his character and then adding layers of ink, color, highlights, and shadows.  While his own Blue Lizard is still his favorite to draw, Brandon has been experimenting with other characters.  He has been getting amazing results using the iPad to create these new characters and plans to use the app to render scenes that will ultimately be used in his next comic book.

Meet our Middle School Finalists- Kimora and Jamie!

Congratulations to Kimora and Jamie, our EJK Book Making Competition School Finalists!

Kimora proudly holds her book, The Ruby Empress, that she collaborated on with classmate Jamie.

We are proud to announce our school finalists for the Ezra Jack Keats Bookmaking Competition. Kimora and Jamie are our winners for the middle school division, and  Kevin will represent our school for the high school division (please see separate post). The Ruby Empress is a collaborative project from two of our talented students.  Kimora wrote the story, a tale of two sisters, set in Ancient China. Jamie created beautiful illustrations for the book using watercolor and tempera paint.  Their completed book will be on display at the Brooklyn Public Library.   Congratulations to both students on all of their hard work!

Jamie working on the illustrations for The Ruby Empress. 
Jamie used watercolor and tempera to create her beautiful illustrations.

A page showing The Ruby Empress, a story of two sisters, written by Kimora.

An illustration from Jamie's and Kimora's collaborative book.

A page showing the happy ending to Kimora's imaginative story.

Meet our High School Finalist - Kevin!

Congratulations to Kevin, our EJK Book Making Competition School Finalist!

Kevin proudly holds up his finished book, The Brown M Train.

We are proud to announce our school finalists for the Ezra Jack Keats Bookmaking Competition.  Kevin will represent our school for the high school division, and Kimora and Jamie are our winners for the middle school division (please see separate post).  Kevin has spent the past 4 months perfecting his book The Brown M Train, which he wrote and illustrated.  Kevin's book is part of a larger project and his campaign to bring the train back to the 4th Avenue line in Brooklyn.  He has also started a petition and now has over 500 signatures!  He has also spoken at the MTA museum and presented his book at the MTA board meeting.  Congratulations to Kevin for all of his hard work.  His book will be displayed at the Brooklyn Public Library this spring.

A wonderfully detailed illustration from Kevin's book depicting a crowded platform.

A page from Kevin's book about the history of his favorite train line.

On this beautifully illustrated page, Kevin explains why the brown M train is so important to him.

After completing his illustrations, which took over three months to finish, Kevin adds the text to his pages.

Kevin carefully arranged his book pages and labeled them with the correct number before binding his book.

MoMA Partnership - Week 3

Keneshia gives a thumbs up as she, John, and Brian work on a collage using patterned paper.

This week students started a 3D collage project inspired by Brooklyn artist Daniel Gordon.  After watching a documentary of the artist at work in his studio, students started creating the background for their collage.  Please continue to check in to see this amazing artwork transform and grow!

Brittany chose animal print to make her own collage for the project. 

Kimora and Hector cut out images of roses to create a wallpaper style background.

Jeremy carefully cuts out an image for the project.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

MoMA Partnership - Week 2

This week students have been using their iPads to digitally manipulate paper collages using an app called Fragment.  Students were able to experiment with shape, design, color, contrast, and a number of other art elements.  We had so much fun making these unique digital images!  See if you can match the digital image to the paper collages made during week one.

Friday, January 9, 2015

MoMA Partnership - Week 1

We are thrilled to be working with Ms. Kirstin, an art educator from The Museum of Modern Art's Access Program, again this year.  This week students from two middle school classes had fun making collages.  Students cut out images and rearranged them on different backgrounds to create some incredible and surreal masterpieces.  Check in next week to see how students are going to manipulate their collage work using an app on the iPad.

Kimora is excited to answer Ms. K's question about collage.

Kevin and Jeremy are hard at work.

Kevin with his finished collage.  Can you find the space skunk?!

R cut and reassembled pictures to make this eerie image.

John and Keneshia cut out images and experiment with composition before pasting them into their collages.

John's beautifully designed collage.

Chantel's collage looks fantastic.  I love the butterfly bow on the dog! 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pop Art

Robert's super fun comic.

This week students have been using iPads to create their own comics.  We started out by looking at the work of Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein and discussed primary colors and pattern.  Students then explored how text can add to an image to make it more dynamic and engaging.  They created their own Pop images using the app Comic Book! on the iPad.  Students took photos and then added effects, captions, and fun text.  We had so much fun making these and even discovered a few superheroes in our midst!
Taylor as a super hero!

Eryk is the king of Pop art!

Ali is fighting crime in his adventure comic book.

Can you guess who this masked defender of justice is?

I can't wait to read this Science Fiction tale by Pharaoh!

Jeremey looks ready for action in his creative mask.