Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Students have been working on many festive decorations for the holiday show, including this adorable reindeer, made from cardboard, newspaper, tape, construction paper, and branches.  We wish you and your family a wonderful holiday and happy new year!

Our reindeer in front of the stage along with our 3D menorah to celebrate Hanukkah.  The beautiful banner was made in workshop by many classes.  Everyone enjoyed a great holiday sing-a-long and Santa even made an appearance along with some old friends.

We created a 3D Kinara for Kwanzaa.  Students each held a candle as they recited poems that they wrote in Literacy.

A student's tree colorful lights created with foam shapes and construction paper.

Christopher made this cute Rudolph  in Art class.

Robert did a wonderful job following directions to make his holiday decoration.

Students in class Y56 used tape to mask out shapes of snowflakes and then painted with glittery watercolor to make these beautiful scenes.

Alex used white oil pastel to draw a flying dreidel.  He then created a resist by painting watercolor over lines to reveal his drawing like magic.

Chantel made this beautiful snowy  painting for the holiday using the resist technique.

Students in class Y57 made beautiful paper Kinaras for Kwanzaa after learning about the holiday in their classroom.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Interior Spaces

A wonderful interior collage created by Jasmine.

Students looked at paintings by many different artists this week to learn about interior spaces.  We looked at a bedroom by Vincent VanGogh, a kitchen by Pierre Bonnard, and a living room by David Hockney.  Students explored how each artist used color, pattern, and texture to create their artwork. They then experimented with paint rollers to create their own textured and patterned paper.  After their paintings were dry, students used them to create collages of their own rooms.  Everyone did a fantastic job and we hope you enjoy the work!

Taylor's colorful living room collage.

A wonderful interior space crated by a P77 artist.

Malika's beautiful bedroom collage.

A textured painting created for the collage.

One of our young artists creating a textured painting using different rollers.