Wednesday, October 29, 2014

T-Shirt Design Contest


Congratulations Keneshia!  Keneshia's design won first place in our school t-shirt design contest.  There were so many wonderful designs and all of our young designers did an amazing job!
Keneshia's winning design, "Walk with Your Heart."

Students have been busy designing t-shirts in art class as part of a contest from Walk Now for Autism Speaks.  We are also having our own in school contest, and the artist with the winning design will receive a $10 gift card to either Target or GameStop.  To vote for your favorite entry come by the art room by November 13th and fill out a ballot or simply leave a comment below listing the number of your favorite design!  Good luck to all of our designers!























Monday, October 27, 2014

Leaf Prints

This week students are making leaf prints and continuing to learn about warm and cool colors.  To make their prints students must first choose the shape of the leaf they want to use.  Then students decide on a warm or cool color and coat each leaf with a paintbrush.  Next, students arrange their leaves on newspaper to create their composition.  Finally students place a piece of paper over their leaves and use a roller to make their prints.  We looked at the work of artist Georgia O'keefe for inspiration.

Students looked at the artwork of Georgia O'keefe and identified the colors they saw a painting titled "Autumn Leaves."
One of our talented students hard at work on his leaf print.

We used the Smartboard to review warm and cool colors.

A finished leaf print by one of our students.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Congratulations Kevin!

Kevin's self-portrait, Bring Back The Brown M Train to Bay Parkway, has been selected for the VSA International Art Exhibition at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.!  We are so proud of him!

Warm and Cool Colors

This week students learned about warm and cool colors.  They looked at two paintings by the artist Gustav Klimt and discussed how they were the same and different.  They learned about the warm colors: red, yellow, and orange, and the cool colors: blue, green, and purple.  Students then created their own forest landscape using warm or cool colors.  You can see more of their great work in front of the Art room and decorating The Fall Harvest Festival next Friday.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Monochrome Selfies

Last week students looked at the paintings of Vincent VanGogh and Ramon Oviedo.  They discussed how each artist used one color to express an emotion and how different colors made them feel.  Students took "selfies" on the computer using PhotoBooth.  They transferred their photographs to paper and then painted them using only one color.  Can you guess what mood each artist below is expressing?