Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Congratulations to our PS Art School Finalists!

UPDATE! Congratulations to John, Kevin, Dave, and Mickey for being semi-finalists in this year's PS Art! Good Luck!!!

"Elephant" by John
Colored Pencil

"Bring Back The Brown M Train To Bay Parkway" by Kevin
Marker and Collage

"Art Class"

"The Bird, The Sun, and The Desert" by Kimora
Oil Pastel


"Still Life" by John

"Self Portrait" by Dave

"Still Life" by Brandon

"The Mountains" by Jonathan
Tempera Paint

Our Trip to MoMa!

We had so much fun on our our trip to the MoMa! Students from two classes visited the Museum of Modern Art to see work by famous artists and photographers.  Ms. K took us on a tour of a photography exhibition and then students watched the premiere of their animation in the theater.  Students loved seeing their animation on the big screen!  Some students even chose to stand at the podium and talk to the audience about making the animation.  Everyone had a great day!

Students watch their animation premiere in the MoMa theater.

Jasmine talks to the audience about making the animation.  
She answers questions from the crowd about the process.

Ms. K shows students a sunprint on exhibit at the museum.  
It looks just like the one we created for our animation!

Ms. K shows students a series of photographs.  
We talked about what we see in the sequence.

Jesus discusses what he sees at the museum with Ms. K.

Book Club

Book Club

For the past two months, six students from PS77 have met on Wednesday afternoons for Book Club.  Each student created their own book in their own unique style.  Two students collaborated to make an accordian style book about New York City (pictured above).  They drew scenes of Time Square, train stations, and bridges and printed them in many different bright colors to illustrate their book.  Jesus  wrote and illustrated the first chapter of his novel Inner Beasts, a story about a teenager that is able to see another universe after he falls into a coma.  Anthony wrote a counting book titled The Ten Things that Make me Happy about managing his emotions.  He illustrated his book in vibrant colors using wax crayons and bound it in string.  Kevin created a beautifully illustrated book with markers about the restoration of the M line: Bring Back the Brown M Train to Bay Parkway.  He carefully researched images and facts about the MTA project.  And Jamil wrote a sequel to his award-winning book The Diary of An Astronaut, in which President Obama gives Jamil a mission to find life on Mars.  The sequel takes place in the desert.  Both books use cut paper collage to bring the story to life.  All of the students worked tirelessly on their projects and produced amazing books.  Congratulations to everyone for their hard work.

A special congratulations to our in the Ezra Jack Keat’s Bookmaking Competition: Inner Beasts and New York City!  These books will be on display at the Brooklyn Public Library this spring!

Jesus holds up his book Inner Beasts, a finalist in this year's EJK contest.
Above is the first page of the book.

Anthony proudly holds up Ten Things That Make Me Happy!  
Above are a few pages from his completed book.

Kevin with his finished book Bring Back the Brown M Train to Bay Parkway.
Above is one of his beautiful illustrations of the M Train.  
Both Kevin and Anthony turned their books into animations that will be entered into this year's Sprout Film Festival: Check out more information and watch their films here!

A colorful page from the book New York City by two of our amazing artists.

Spoiler Alert! Jamil shows us his last page and the exciting conclusion of his book.

Kevin hard at work in Book Club.

Jesus and Jamil working on their books.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Sprout Film Festival

Congratulations to Anthony and Kevin! Their animations were selected to be entered in the Sprout Film Festival.  Stay posted to see if their films were selected.  We wish them the best of luck!

Anthony working on his animation.