Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Art Star

Our first featured Art Star is Jamil.  Jamil is a talented artist who has been working in an independent study program this year.  He wanted to focus on color and was influenced by the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh.  According to Jamil, "Being an artist makes me feel good.  I like to design different things and I like shading.  In independent study I was interested in making different projects."  Jamil certainly completed his goal and made many projects including self-portraits, still lives, landscapes, prints, and even a book (see Book Club post).  Over the past few years Jamil has achieved many things in art, including receiving an award for his book The Diary of an Astronaut in last year's Ezra Jack Keat's Bookmaking Competition!  Jamil has also been a finalist in PS Arts, and has had his animations shown at Big Movies for Little Kids film festival at Cobble Hill Cinema and Governer's Island Figment Festival.  This year Jamil also attended classes at Pratt art school which he says "makes me feel special." We are very proud of Jamil here at PS77 and wish him the best of luck as he starts a new school program this February.  "I hope they have art at the new school."  We do too Jamil, and we look forward to reading about all of your future accomplishments!!!!

A self portrait showing Jamil's talent for shading.

A beautiful painting based on the work of Cezanne.

Jamil working on moving a character in a class stop motion animation: Hyper the Hero.

Jamil's oil pastel drawing of Utica Ave. subway station.

The artist working on an etching.

A page in progress from the sequel to Jamil's book in Book Club.

An etching of the Statue of Liberty.

A beautiful watercolor by Jamil inspired by Japanese paintings.

Jamil with his award winning book.

Monday, January 27, 2014


Brandon's amazing graphite drawing shows a lot of movement.

What do you think the future will look like? That is what the Italian artists of the early 20th century Futurist movement wondered.  The thought the future would be dynamic and full of movement. They were interested in technology and speed, and how to picture that in their artwork.  Students in art created their own Futurist drawings showing speed and movement.  They drew people, horses, and cars.  We will be using this understanding of how to make drawings look like they are moving to start our animation unit next month!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Calendar Contest

Students have been working hard to create informative posters for this year's DOE calendar contest.  The theme: Saving Energy in Schools.  After brainstorming ways to help save energy, students got to work putting their ideas to paper.  Good luck to all of our artists entering this year's contest!!

Dave's great work in progress!

Jesus did a fantastic job on this poster about recycling!

Anthony created a colorful poster promoting solar energy.

Just one of Brandon's fantastic posters about saving energy in schools.

Matthew did a wonderful job expressing his idea.

Franklyn came up with a great slogan for his image.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Action Painting!

Have you ever heard of "Jack the Dripper?"  This week, students looked at the work of Jackson Pollock.  They learned about action painting and watched videos of Pollock dripping paint onto his canvas in large movements using not only brushes, but other tools like sticks.  Students used the SmartBoard to interact with one of Pollock's paintings and trace the lines they found.  We then created our own action paintings using a cardboard box and marbles.  We had tons of fun!  The steps for this project are pictured below if you would like to recreate it at home.

First, students placed paper inside of a cardboard box.  Second, they placed a sheet of construction paper at the bottom of the box and pressed the edges flat to hold the paper in place.  Third, they choose three colors of paint and added them to the box.  Next, students added marbles to the box.

Then students shook the box gently from side to side.  I covered the box lid with clear plastic so that students could watch the marbles moving the paint back and forth.

Finally, we removed our beautiful action paintings.  Taylor proudly holds up his work of art.  Great choice of colors Taylor! Check out some more great student art below!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dreaming with Chagall

Students have been looking at the paintings of Marc Chagall this week in art class.  Many of Chagall's paintings are filled with dreamlike images of people flying, animals playing the fiddle, clocks, and strange birds.  Students used the SmartBoard in class to locate these symbols in various paintings and then discussed their own dreams.  They then created collages in the style of Chagall by cutting and pasting similar symbols and then adding color with paint or colored tissue.  Some students even used the green screen in our digital art studio to take pictures of themselves flying, which we later added to one of Chagall's masterpieces.  We hope you enjoy the finished work of our young surrealists!

You and your family can currently see some of Chagall's work at the Jewish Museum.

Kimora used wings to create an image of people flying. Great job!

Raymond created a beautiful collage using cut images and then added color with colored tissue and glue.  Looks beautiful Raymond!

Sammy let his imagination run wild and told a story about a man playing his violin and waiting for his fish dinner to finish frying! Fantastic work!

George stacked images to create this beautiful surrealist collage.  I love the rooster playing the violin!

This artist use symmetry in his collage of two clocks fighting.  The fish are swords and the rugs are shields.  So creative!

Look closely at this collage. The artist put a fish's head on a rooster's body! 
Art can be fun and silly too!