Thursday, December 19, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to you and your family!!!
A beautiful paper weaving for Kwanzaa created by Ali.  

A festive seasonal wreath created by Henry.

Some of the many ornaments we created in art to decorate our tree for the holiday show.
Jimmy created the cute penguin.  Great job everyone!!

Monday, December 16, 2013


Students have been busy creating foam plate etchings of New York City.  We began by looking at the work of artist Red Grooms and his very detailed portrayals of life in the Big Apple.  We then learned about the process of printmaking and many new vocabulary words such as plate, proof, edition, etc.  Etching is an art process that allows you to make multiple copies of the same image.  Traditionally, artists have used metal or glass plates...but we simply used styrofoam!  You can even use a styrofoam plate to recreate the project at home. Creating an etching involves many steps.  First, students etched their image into a styrofoam plate using a pencil.  Second, they rolled ink onto their plates.  Next, they transferred the image from the plate onto their paper.  Finally, students signed and numbered their prints. Some students created a background for their prints using watercolor or colored tissue paper collage, while other students chose to print on a solid color.  Many classes worked together to print buildings in various colors for a large collaborative project.  We hope you enjoy the final prints!

Anthony rolls ink onto his foam plate. Check out his finished print below.

Jamil makes sure he covers all corners and edges with ink. Check out his finished print below.

Eric's beautiful cityscape at night.

An incredible, very detailed print of the twin towers.

A wonderful cityscape printed on watercolor.

Anthony's finished etching of his neighborhood.

Jamil's finished print of The Statue of Liberty at night. Great Job!

A fantastic cityscape drawn in perspective.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

MoMa Partnership

This fall, three of our classes had the amazing opportunity to work with the Museum of Modern Art, or MoMa, in an art partnership.  Students learned about contemporary art from our favorite visiting artist Ms. K.  During our partnership, students looked at artists such as Robin Rhodes and William Kentridge.  They created mixed media work incorporating Polaroid photography as well as an incredible animation.  The workshop will conclude this winter with a trip to the museum.  We hope you enjoy the work.

Justin uses ripped construction paper to help create a collage character for the animation in the style of South African artist William Kentridge.

Robert arranges the collaged character on the sunprint background.  He moves the dog only about 1/2 an inch each frame.  He then signals to the director to record the frame.

Pharoah directs the scene and uses the computer to record each movement the animator makes.
This process is called stop animation.  Great teamwork everyone!